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03|22 Entropya

Collection 22|23

The image, as explosive force, is reflected in a contemporary complexity. It organizes the physical reality, crystallizing answers that indicate mimesis, where artifice and nature live together and dissolve, hybridizing in the pursuit of new, mutant and vital shapes.
A section, ENTROPYA, is able to reveal the contemporary trends, locked up in the blanket of the land, among the natural textures, modifying, carving, wrinkling, handling them, creating thicknesses, inventing new lines, shaping the surfaces, giving life to nature in a unusual and plastic way , far from the traditional readings, but maybe near to abstract and sculpture memories, comparable only with the suggestive images of the manipulated landscapes of the land art.
New reading allows us to create an essential relationship with the context: from the entropy of a combination in suspension (condition of mess), the image acts as an authorizing officer of the space, filled with energy, capturing details and building a new level of interpretation. It’s sure a complex image, that Gemanco design offers in this section, from the simple rule of attraction, it gives back new elements, able to bring out the organic form and macro of matter.

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