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New settings and contemporary dynamism.

“It’s the way to create new combinations, tell your style”.

New collection, by Gemanco Design, has been moving in this direction and it takes inspiration from male outfits liveliness.

They are multicultural, more and more open to redefinition of new lines, able to become and reinvent themselves continuously, to connect the past with cutting edge of modernity.

A mix of energies that connects details in unusual contests.

Every layout of the new collection reveals a well-defined nature and expresses its best potential in combinations.

The colour palette which the collection draws, explores the precious neutral tones palette:
the urban grey fron the pearl shade to lead one, the aristocratic blue from the lighter tones to stronger and darker ones, and the beige, that range widely from colder shades to warmer ones.

It focuses on cosy shades of burgundy red, violet and purple, with exquisite touches of green and turquoise.

The soft and elegant textures are designed to bring out the details materiality in contrast to enrich the surfaces.

GEMANCO DESIGN Collection 22|23

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