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NEW Collection: PURE

PURE is a collection marked by an illimited graphic freedom where colours and frames give a new interpretation to the ceramic coating and turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

It’s the essencial in the decoration that Gemanco Design wants to make you understand, just like a real tailor-made product where the strict and elementary geometry of the pattern meets technique and technology. The collection explores the expressive potential of the geometric design in order to best meet the different design contexts needs.
The modular patterns switch the serial production of the repeated shapes, crossing the borders of what is a rigid shape, that is what you can see commonly in the traditional mosaic. It enlarges the action field of the projectin the wall redefinition. The PURE collection moves beyond the conventions and offers an endless chromatic range where you could combine the different patterns and it opens the way for infinite setup.
All of the elements are designed to interact freely each other and emphasize the plays of colour the chromatic triads suggest, passing through the pastel shades and more vibrant colours.

The result is a mix and match collection, essential in the soul, it promises a creative, flexible and customized realizations. The matching of different production techiques, used in the same environment or on the same wall, represent the perfect solution to give movement to the surfaces, through the attractive comparison between  minimalism and decoration, tradition and contaporary, creative flair and geometric rigor. PURE is designed to combine the clean cuts viciousness with the glossy of the resin through a creative hyperboleexpressed by the perfection of the wall decoration.
This dynamic collection offers a modern interpretation of the old-fashioned soul of the covering, there is an explicit referenceto the graphic aesthetic in the ‘70s, inside an evolution path of the traditional claddings by boosting character and personality.

We invite you to discover the endless power of our products.

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