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The magic always leaves a trace.

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Walls are not only a blank sheets, waiting to be filled out, but they are chances to create something amazing. They become artworks that add depth, character and personality to any space. That it's a big hotel lobby, or a stunning boutique, or a cozy bedroom, our wall coverings have got the power to turn any room into a masterpiece.

They create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere, a space which invites you to stop and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. We tell and relate style, elegance and refinement, a kind of experience that leads us in a world of absolute beauty and surprise. Exclusive design wall that catch up the essence of the style and the customer’s personality


In common with a dress, Gemanco Design new generation wall decoration for the design environments, we live or work in, have been designed to give maximum expressive form to them. They are the result of materials and finishings testing, they take their inspiration from the tradition and to the classical, to re-invent what always already exists, and then shaped on the needs of the contemporary (and future) living.

With its wallpaper decor and mosaic tiles, GEMANCO DESIGN turns upside down the classic concept of the wall decorations, as we’re used to mean it, making it a extremely flexible and ideal tool of customization, as in the private environments as in the public spaces and contract.

Unique solutions, a wide range of projects to answer at the interior design requests and needs with exclusive and high-performance materials


The magic always leaves a trace and becomes an amazing piece of art. An explosion of sinuous lines, which seem to dance on the wall, creating movements, dynamism and harmonic flow. They are emphasized in the intersections and create details, all to be discovered, turning the wall into an extraordinary artwork.

Clean and strong lines give back timeless elegance and invite to get lost in the shapes, colours and details.

One-off pieces marked by fearless and distinctive  expressions of style and personality. Discover the new ideas to decorate your walls, whether it is a a wallpaper decor or mosaic, Gemanco Design know show to give emotions.



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