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Industrial Style!

Industrial style, also called Industrial Chic, it’s a decor style born in 50’s in USA, in the eclectic New York City.The Industrial Style is one of the most popular trends at the moment, it’s a movement which perfectly integrates creativity, light and space. With this style, it’s possible to achieve a perfect combination of these elements, turning any house into a functional and contemporaneous space.

The use of the marerials and the skillful colours matching avoid the most common mistake, you can make when you are going to creat this kind of environment, namely to make it very cold. 

At this point the combination between light and dark shades becomes essential, trying to widen the natural light, spreading it in the space.

Gemanco Design suggests a sophisticated and rigorous design, It creates a 3D moving, realizing an ever-changing graphic design.

Trascend the ordinary, think out of the box, we will find the original solutions you are looking for.

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