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Green + Orange + Purple

No matter if it might be chaotic. Nothing to be scared of. 
The colour has to be design in any environment. Only in the way, about 10 milions of naturally occurring shades colours, can become a “strong ally” of the interior concept design.

One of the summertime chromatic combinations, Gemanco Design suggests, involves three colours choice taken at equidistant points on the colours wheel.
This combination has been confirmed by using, in the project, one of the three colours choosen which dominates on the others. It’s necessary to find the balance with chromatic triad not to aggravate the combination.

The final result will be of strong visual impact, it will give rise to an harmonious and at same time flashy space. The “colour design” turns into a emotional dynamic survey, in this perspective it’s never neutral.
Colours could be a tool to live better, if they became part of design.

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