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We are beginning the 2022 with so much news. We present a preview of our new website.

It’s new in interface, enjoyment and contents. This is a restyling, strictly connected with total makeover, our company has given of itself over the last few years.

Our website just reflects our unconventional mood, it’s like a common thread which bonds the company philosophy to the web portal, translated in a total new and dynamic style.

The purpose was to move to the website the contents that have always characterized Gemanco Design.

We juxtaposed to our creative world, always very extreme, the user-friendliness, without leaving out the potential of our production.

The main characters are the graphic artworks, our job lifeblood. They always speak for us, they talk about how we push our limits everyday.

Co-star is our production, from the wallpaper to resin mosaic and UV printing. All of our creative proposals well adapted to 3 kinds of manufacturing.

The customization concept remains unchanged, it has always been a Gemanco Design feature and make it unique.

The section about the collection grows, all of the graphic designs have got a colour variant, that are well suited with your environments. Furthermore, we decided to make available a colour matching in every graphic variant, you can use it as a combination for the adjacent walls or as referring colour for mosaic grouting material.

Are you still indecisive about how to decorate your walls? we got this in “howWEtrend” new section.

This segment told the trends of the moment and coordinates style, colours and materials to make all the rooms, perfectly integrated with the design concept. An inspirational moment that is able to make daydream, a virtual journey which will help you in your choice. Combining all the elements is a leap of faith, if sometimes the matching is obvious, in other ones it seems to be daring. Are you still afraid to dare?

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