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Gemanco Design launches the 2024 Collection

"Silk Road" at Milano Design Week 2024

The "Silk Road" collection express the charm of a distant and ancient, timeless story, poised between art and boundless beauty. The atmosphere evokes the iconic transcontinental journey from East to West, along the route that epitomizes an incessant cross-pollination not only cultural.

A visual dialogue between decorative art and refined imagery that celebrates the values of travel, discovering timeless beauty, retracing the legendary route of the Silk Road in its most mystical and transcendent sense.

Captured by an atmosphere suspended between enchantment and the mystery of ancient craftsmanship, anyone is transported amidst wonder and spirituality.

Along the stages of an engaging narrative, diverse antiquities are recounted, each embodying a different interpretation of history, gradually revealing the legacy of a centuries-old tradition and the meanings of a defined symbolic code.

A collection as brilliant as it is heterogeneous, bold and hypnotic, ready to offer a glimpse of eclecticism that has been our trademark for some years now.

April 17/18/19 2024
Studio Marco Piva
Via Maiocchi, 9
Gemanco Design Milano Design Week 2024 Silk Road collection

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