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Fuorisalone 2023

GEMANCO DESIGN presented its new collection by Studio Marco Piva, during the Fuorisalone 2023.

In the Design Week Days, Gemanco Design gave its vision to a special concept, created in collaboration with STUDIO MARCO PIVA, to introduces itself to Milan and to the world.

This concept will be proposed inside the Hus Milano Showroom, in via San Fermo 17. The project proves the company firm point: the closeness to the design world, the image of which intertwine with great flexibility and plurality of languages.

Thanks to the indoor and outdoor wall decoration experience, Gemanco Design has much to tell, but it has decided to spotlight modularity and versatility of its own solutions, for this occasion. They will be declined in most different aesthetic and chromatic variations, lend themselves to amazing combinations, inviting the insiders to try new way of interpreting of the surfacesin the design projects, with the base performance and technological know-how of a company of excellence.

The use of refined materials and the fluid design characterize Marco Piva’s innovative planning that makes unique the production of the exclusive Gemanco Design Collection.

An intense creativity, an elegant combination of shapes and colours, a metaphorical journey that dips in a scenic, visual and chromatic architectures for an ecleptic aesthetic which decorate the contemporary.

The new collection collects different themes, develops them in a soft and linear geometric compositions with vivid palettes. It taps into art, archtecture, substance, it surprices the cosmopolitan and timeless flair, the creations suit any surrounding with. 

A project that sits in a Segment of Dialogue, the meeting between different materials and texture, in the spirit of versatility on which Gemanco Design wants to emphasise.

Discover now the Gemanco Design new collection

by Studio Marco Piva

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