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Autumn is an undecided space, a new beginning, a long breath, an opportunity.
We’re back! Many intentions and new enthusiasm. We will be immersed in a wintry reality with the August sun still in our eyes.

In autumn we decided to feel the winter in wool sweaters, cinnamon tea, socks with snowflakes and lit candles when it’s dark. Finally we come back to experience the house, embracing new colours that take over our energies. According to many, the autumn is the season of the change, It's enough to observe the nature, it shakes off what is unnecessary, the exaggerated green and it gives way to the warm shades of brown, red, burgundy, purple.

The Gemanco Design ENTROPYA collection of wallpaper and resin mosaic offers a totally immersive experience, able to radically revolutionize any space. Wall decoration becomes the medium most used for this experimentation, freedom and interpretation. The result is a suspension of tonality that creates the illusion of the light submerged in fog, immersing the viewer in a quiet and hushed atmosphere.

WPS – Waterproof System by Gemanco design is the product the company proposes to renovate the design of any enviromnent, making unique and introspective it.
This system allows to work on all the wall and cover them with any wallpaper texture, not only with fiberglass, matching in a single system waterproofing and high decorative value.
The product is highly recommended for all the outdoor, wet environments and surfaces in direct contact with water.

The images are characterizes by a strong graphic matrix. Here, the perception is guided by use of morphological forms that enlarge and give a new dimension to the wall space, while the colour combinations are each time tonal or vibrant in order to create even new and varied atmospheres. The carved lines interrupt the surface, like a delicate carving marked by slight elevations. In ENTROPYA COLLECTION, Nature does not show up in its botanic expression, but through fluid, harmonious and soft shapes.
The use of color palettes takes inspiration from pigmented ground and gives back a warm and cosy sensation. A perfect chromatic balance that extends from the cream and beige shades broken up by darkest black ones that take on a graphic charge that has an immediate impact. 


The image is explosive force and it is reflected in the modern complexity. It orders the physical reality, crystallizing replies, that aim to point out mimesis, where artificiality and nature live together and melt away, in the pursuit of new mutant and essential shapes.
The ENTROPYA collectionis able to reveal the contemporary trends, enclosed under the soil, among the natural textures, modifying, carving and wrinkling, manipulating them, creating layers, inventing new lines, moduling surfaces, gining rise to the nature in a new and plastic way, far away from the traditional reading, maybe near to sculptural, abstract memory, only comparable to the suggestive images of the land art manipulated landscape.

Let yourself be enveloped by lines and colours, It's the place where artificiality and nature live together and melt away, in the pursuit of new mutant and essential shapes

“Every room has its own history. Every room needs to have that special creative twist, warmness and atmosphere. Gemanco Design creates stories for all those who want something more than a standard wallpaper

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