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How we trend

How does a collection come into being?

What are the factors that determine a trend?

The creative process talks about a state of mind, able to stop the time which you are overwhelmed by images, sensations and emotions completely contradictory in. The artist’s mood is the starting point and becomes the heart of it.

The initial phase is undoubtedly an individual phase, that invites to get naked. This turns into research, study and deep anthropological knowledge. The life stories are the main source of inspiration, a process that turns the abstract ideas into easy-to-understand artworks, in our example, wall decoration with wallpaper design and mosaic.

The collections highlight a need, a necessity of the human being to express your strong personality with all of the influences that come from the outside and the cultural, social and artistic baggage that all of us have got. In this way an idea is built, inspirations taht become macro-trends, able to transform our houses into design environments and to make us dream new settings. Ours is the most challenging task: to bring the beauty, turning a blank sheet into an artwork, like a wall.

It’s not about a phase, but it is a spontaneous and perpetual state:” there is not a real beginning or end, it’s a steady and almost unconscious flow.” …  An introspective journey, in which every traveller, that is a project or a superimposition of ideas, has got an important role, it comes down to training in critical thinking of work knowledge, that, easily we turn into focus: investigation, extension, concentration, significance, a summary that translates into graphic “ what we wanto to tell”.

The creative process required at the same time exchange and sharing of synergies and empathy. Opening the work at the team, involving them, elaborates a new and common narrative, full of new ideas that becomes a common and unique thinking.

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