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02|23 Silvapolis

SILVAPOLIS is wild-chic and it’s going to break into the living spaces. A journey through time, among urban architecture, culture, society and wild nature, thought to create natural and spontaneous relationships free from constraints.

A freestyle journey, created for anyone who dreams to live his own corner surrounded by exotic fantasies.

The image of SILVAPOLIS chapter are a clear tribute to floral combinations, endless green shades and grains that will bring us in an uncommon and verdant vegetation. The desire to exotism is often the desire to travel and breath faraway places.

The design inspiration takes and captures jungle settings to recreate fanciful and charming corner. The colours are fresh and vibrant, the tones are lively, the matchings give way to the brand narrative creativity and they turn into a new fluid and light language: expression of Gemanco Design world.

One more time, the walls become our blank sheet to explore and thrill. Scopri Silvapolis!

GEMANCO DESIGN Silvapolis 02|23

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